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How does the platform work? 

EASY! For senior members, all you need to do is to register on our website, provide your availability, select your hobbies and interests,  and you are all set! There's no complicated tech to learn, if you can use a phone – you can use AirJulep.


For student members, you download our app, pass our English tests, subscribe to our conversation guide, and choose whom you want to chat with and then use the app to call seniors on their cellphone or landlines.

How do you ensure the users' (especially seniors') privacy and safety? 

We aim to build a safe environment, all user information is encrypted for security and we've employed A.I. to detect fraud. All calls are monitored to ensure they remain a safe and positive experience for both the seniors and the students. We will be recording all conversations for quality assurance, and review if there is any report on abuse or fraud from our built-in AI detecting system. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any negative or abusive language or behavior, and we will immediately ban users and take any necessary legal action.

What are the costs of using your platform?

We are a for-profit social enterprise. It will ALWAYS be free for seniors to use our services.  We will be however charging student users a monthly subscription fee to use our smartphone app to access our built-in calling system and our guided English learning materials.

Will you provide work opportunities for seniors?

Currently, our platform has been enabled to provide a mutually-beneficial service to both seniors and students in this time of social distancing and isolation. However, the next step in our plan will be to launch a senior training program, enabling seniors to be trained to be a ‘Language Buddy’ and potentially earn some extra income if they wish. 

What phone number will be showing on seniors' cell/landline?

All the calls will come from our telecommunication system provider, so a virtual phone number will appear as the caller,  +1 650 600 0860 (AirJulep)

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