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AirJulep connects seniors with students across the globe looking to expand their cultural and language skills.

Our Senior members get to share their life experiences and pass on their wisdom to the next generation through the power of connection and communication.  At the same time, student members get to share inspiring stories of modern life overseas, fascinating cultures whilst improving their English speaking skills and adding color to seniors' lives.


Welcome to AirJulep’s global, multicultural and intergenerational community.

Our platform is currently available to Seniors in the US, UK, Australia, and Ireland,

and students from China, Japan, and South Korea.​


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"AirJulep provides me an opportunity to communicate with young people far away in China and understand more about Chinese culture and lifestyle."

Christine Johnson

65 Yrs Old, Retd. Accountant
Reno, USA


"AirJulep is one of my favorite apps since I can improve my English speaking skills after researching hours and that helps me to better communicate with professors in the US universities - I am going to apply for PhD program.


Liu Lei

25 Yrs Old, IT

Shenzhen, China

AirJulep makes the world smaller, I can talk to young students and learn about their life in China, even I have not been there, but it is interesting to know people’s life there.


Steve Miller

68 Yrs Old, Rted
London, UK


“AirJulep helps me find an efficient way to practice my oral English and I can find seniors in my industry, their work experience and advice are also helpful for my career"


Jing Zhang

24 Yrs Old, Graduate student
Shanghai, China

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Deana Gao

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David W. Fingerote

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Academic Director /

Content Consultant

Janice Zhang

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Director of Coordination,


Claire Pink

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Marketing &

Partner Development, Australia 

Peter Wang

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Marketing & Partnership Development, USA

Eugene Konash

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Marketing & Partnership Development, Europe


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